VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK v10.0
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    Barcode reader calibration
    In This Topic

    Let's introduce you with two ways on how to choose suitable barcode reader settings and thus make your barcode recognition system as stable as possible.

    1. Manual way

    Here is a list of steps which should help you creating the stable barcode reading systems:

    2. Half-automatic way

    For that purpose is available specially prepared Barcode Calibration Demo, which location is:

    This demo shows how to automate the setting up process of barcode recognition while reading barcodes from images of the same type, e.g. a collection of images acquired from certain scanner or camera (further called "the device").

    The steps of setting up the calibration:

    Here is a list of steps which will help you creating the stable barcode reading systems using Barcode Calibration Demo:
    1. Acquire a collection of images from the device. The images have to include highest possible number of barcode appearance variations for that device.

    2. Load the images by clicking "Add File(s)...".

    3. Set the desired barcode type for recognition and number of expected barcodes on a page.

    4. Goto "Calibration" inlay and click "Start".

    5. After the assessment is completed will open the "Results" inlay on which will be shown the comparison of 3 variants of barcodes reading results. Choose the best variant first of all according to the BarcodeInfoBase.ReadingQuality characteristic. In case BarcodeInfoBase.ReadingQuality equals choose the variant according to the "Reading speed" characteristic. If both characteristics equal prefer the automatic recognition mode.

    6. If the preferable setting BarcodeInfoBase.ReadingQuality indicate that not all barcodes were recognized try to decrease the Scan Interval value and run the assessment again.

    7. If the reading quality is always 100% try to increase the Scan Interval value and run the assessment again. Remember that the increase of Scan interval may considerably raise the speed, but worsen the quality of barcode recognition.

    Note: We do not recommend to process images with barcodes (deskew, despeckle, etc) before barcode recognition for both ways. This can change the barcode proportions and as result greatly decrease quality of recognition.