VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK v10.0
Get barcode image as System.Windows.Media.PathGeometry object in WPF

Example: Here is an example that shows how to get barcode in vector form as PathGeometry object.

Public Function GetBarcodeAsPathGeometry(barcode As BarcodeType, value As String) As PathGeometry
        ' create the barcode writer
        Dim barcodeWriter As New BarcodeWriter()

        ' set barcode writer settings
        barcodeWriter.Settings.Barcode = barcode
        barcodeWriter.Settings.Value = value

        ' return barcode as PathGeometry
        Return barcodeWriter.GetBarcodeAsPathGeometry()
End Function
public PathGeometry GetBarcodeAsPathGeometry(BarcodeType barcode, string value)
    // create the barcode writer
    BarcodeWriter barcodeWriter = new BarcodeWriter();

    // set barcode writer settings
    barcodeWriter.Settings.Barcode = barcode;
    barcodeWriter.Settings.Value = value;

    // return barcode as PathGeometry
    return barcodeWriter.GetBarcodeAsPathGeometry();