Different scanning behaviour between provided Demo and own Website

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Different scanning behaviour between provided Demo and own Website

Post by alexei » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:51 pm


for these couple of days I'm refactoring the scanning functionality of a website from v5.2 to v. I'm doing the scanning steps according to examples and what I see is that when I run the scanning from the Demo.HTML webpage provided by VintaSoft, the scanning works correctly,but not through my website. let me elaborate in detail what is happening.

I have edited the demo code to use the default scanning Dialog Box so I have it almost the same as what I have on my website. I have set the skip blank pages capability also for the scanner code 4404.
when I start the scanning it shows the dialog box, I select the scanner it shows the progress dialog box with the text scanning page [1,2,3,....] with the progressbar. furthermore, I have put an alert for the webpage to notify me with the acquiredModalState when it gets into the Case 2 of the switch. when I scan 2 pages it gives me the correct amount of alerts with the modalstate value 2, so 4 times , because I have set duplex mode on true.

Running the scanning through JavaScript on my website:
I get the default dialog box and I select the scanner, it starts the scan, and here I get the strange behavior...
1. I have put an if statement that when setting the skip blank page capability if the scanner does not support it to notify the user,

Code: Select all

 // Check if the scanner supports skipping blank pages and set the capabilities values
    // set value of ICAP_AUTODISCARDBLANKPAGES to True
    VSActiveX4Scan.Device_Cap_Id = 4404;  // ICAP_AUTODISCARDBLANKPAGES
    if (VSActiveX4Scan.Device_Cap_IsSupported()) {
       VSActiveX4Scan.Device_Cap_ValueContainerType =  1;
       VSActiveX4Scan.Device_Cap_Value = 1;
    } else {
       alert('scanner does not have the capability to skip blank pages.');
The notification "scanner does not support ......" gets triggered. (but not when I do it through the JavaScriptDemo.html example webpage.)

2. The progress dialogbox does not show the text scanning page [1,2,3,...] I only see the progress bar on the dialogbox.
3. Doesn't matter how much pages goes through the Scanner from the ADF, It only alert me once about the MOdalState = 2, so it only gets into the case 2: part once, and it shows me the last page side only. I have the Duplex mode on true, so when I put 2 pages, both goes through the scanner, but only one side of the last page is shown, the last side that the scanner has scanned.

Yesterday, I could correctly scan through my website for a couple of times, then I went to do something else came back and did a scan again and the odd behavior started again. Occacionally it will crash IE also.

I have done the following to see if it solves the issue:
1. removed the VSTwain.dll from the IE manage add ons page, I have
2. Remove the VSTwain.ddl from c:\windows\downloaded programs Files\
3. clear all internet temporary files, forms etc.
4. delete the intern objects
5. Set the website to get a new version everytime I visit the webpage.
6. clear all files from the ASP Net Temporary folder on the server ( C:\windows\microsoft.net\Framework64\v2.0.50727\temporary asp.net files)

But I remained with the same issue,

The scanner I'm, using is the EPSON GT-S55 ( it has the capability to skip blank pages).
IE 11 version 11.0.9600.17280 Update version: 11.0.12

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Re: Different scanning behaviour between provided Demo and own Website

Post by Alex » Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:28 pm

Hi Alexei,

Please send us (to support@vintasoft.com) your HTML page - we need analyze your code.

Best regards, Alexander

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