KB: Hiding user interface at scanning.

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KB: Hiding user interface at scanning.

Post by Alex » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:19 am

User interface of scanner can be hidden only if you use TWAIN driver for your scanner.
WIA driver does not allow to hide (disable) user interface - it's limitation of WIA drivers when they are used via TWAIN interface.

Here is a code snippet for Visual Basic that shows how to acquire images without UI:

Code: Select all

  If VSTwain1.SelectSource() Then
    VSTwain1.ShowUI = False
    VSTwain1.DisableAfterAcquire = True
    VSTwain1.UnitOfMeasure = 0     ' 0-Inches, 1-Centimeters, ..., 5-Pixels
    VSTwain1.PixelType = 1         ' 0-BW, 1-Palette/gray, 2-RGB
  End If

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