sheetfeeder save to pdf after every scan

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sheetfeeder save to pdf after every scan

Post by dominicmontez411 » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:35 am

We have set the app to create one PDF when there are 50+ pages in the sheet feeder.
This is working great with time stamp conventions in the file name.

We know want have the option of scanning the 50 pages so that each page scan save to a separate PDF.

In other words we want to click a radio button that sets to create 50 individual PDF Files
Click a radion button that will tell the UI to scan all 50 pages to a single multipage PDF File

Please advise.


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Re: sheetfeeder save to pdf after every scan

Post by Alex » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:17 pm


Please read description of the VSTwain.PdfMultiPage property in the documentation.

Best regards, Alexander

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