AcquiredImage.IsBlank -> meaning of noise parameter

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AcquiredImage.IsBlank -> meaning of noise parameter

Post by jaceksmil » Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:41 pm

I would like to know what it the meaning of noise parameter in AcquiredImage.IsBlank method. In my project I would like to give user possiblity to set this parameter, so one can choose the level of noice. But I cannot find any description how it is calculated. Could someone describe me what does it mean? Is this something understandable for end users ?
There is also second option to detect percentage of black pixels in image (program operates on black-white images) and using it state if image is blank, but it would be simplier to user Vintasoft builded-in funcionality if this parametr can be understandable for end users.

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Re: AcquiredImage.IsBlank -> meaning of noise parameter

Post by Alex » Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:20 pm


AcquiredImage.IsBlank method can have 2 parameters:
  • maxNoiseLevel - maximum possible value of noise in image, in percents. Optimal value is 0.01 (%).
  • [out] currentNoiseLevel - current noise value in image, in percents. This parameter has correct value after execution of the method.
Noise - pixels with color different from the background color of image.

You can use value returned by the currentNoiseLevel parameter for calibrating the method, i.e. determine good value for the maxNoiseLevel parameter.

More info about the AcquiredImage.IsBlank method can be get in the on-line documentation:

Best regards, Alexnader

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