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PDF Size

Post by smgrisw » Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:57 am

I recently purchased the VintasoftTwain.NET control and have been using it for a couple of months now. This control replaced another product that I was using to scan documents and convert them into PDF. One thing I have noticed is that the size of the PDF documents have been much greater using the Vintasoft product. I took one of the PDF documents I created and attempted to optimize it using Adobe. I was able to reduce the size of the document by more then 2/3.

Is there a way to create the PDF in a reduced size?


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Re: PDF Size

Post by Alex » Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:28 am

Hello Scott,

Please try to use version 6.0 of VintaSoftTwain.NET Library. This version allows to use ZIP compression in PDF documents.

Best regards, Alexander

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