VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK 15.0: Documentation for Web developer
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    Vintasoft.Data Namespace (Vintasoft.Shared)
    In This Topic
    Contains shared VintaSoft .NET classes.
    ClassA data storage that allows to store objects, which implement the [System.ICloneable] interface, in memory.
    ClassA data storage that allows to work with several data storages.
    ClassStatic manager that allows to open/close files.
    ClassProvides a read-only stream for a file that is stored in HTTP server.
    ClassA data storage that can work with streams from files ([System.IO.FileStream]) and URLs (HttpStreamingStream).
    ClassA data storage that stores streams in files on disk.
    ClassAdds a buffering layer to read and write operations on another stream.
    InterfaceProvides a mechanism for storing data in data storage.
    InterfaceDefines an interface for a stream wrapper.
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