VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK 15.0: Documentation for .NET developer
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    How to create "design" barcodes?
    In This Topic
    "Design" barcode is a barcode image, which appearance differs from the traditional black-white barcode image with square cells.

    For example:

    The "design" barcodes can be used for:

    Each two-dimensional barcode has "important" elements, distortion or damage of which will lead to a serious deterioration in the quality of recognition or to the impossibility of recognizing the barcode. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the "important" elements and take them into account when creating a "design" barcode. VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK can provide information about generated barcode in a special data structure - the MatrixBarcodeStructure class that stores structure of two-dimentsional matrix barcode (Aztec, QR Code, Micro QR, Data Matrix, Han Xin Code. The barcode structure contains information about all cells of the barcode and allows to determine their "importance" for the recognition process.

    Two-dimensional matrix barcode usually consists from the following layers:

    While changing the barcode element, it is necessary to take into account the importance of barcode element and the ability to restore the barcode element during the barcode recognition:

    The below picture shows some barcode examples, where each type of barcode cell is specified by separate color (the barcode images were generated by VintaSoft Barcode Demo application):