VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK v9.1 for Web
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    Vintasoft.Shared Namespace
    In This Topic
    Contains shared VintaSoft JavaScript classes.
    Allows to create enumerations.
    Provides functionality for localization of UI elements, DOM elements and strings.
    Provides a base class for rendering settings that contains a group of rendering settings.
    Represent a composite web request to a web service.
    Contains decoding settings of image.
    Provides the base class for element of enumeration.
    Contains information about file.
    Provides the base class for element of flags enumeration.
    Represents a collection of web images (collection of instances of WebImageJS class).
    Represents a web image.
    Represents a source of web image.
    Provides methods for placing data on and retrieving data from local clipboard.
    Represents a tree structure that contains information about object properties. A tree node is an instance of WebPropertyInfoJS class.
    Contains information about the property of object.
    Contains rendering settings of image.
    Represents a web request to a web service.
    A web service that represents Web API controller or WCF service.
    A web service that represents HTTP handler.
    Provides a base class for web services (API controllers, HTTP handlers or WCF services).
    Specifies available formats of web images.
    Specifies available algorithms, which can be used for image scaling or rotation.
    Specifies available pixel formats for each pixel of the image.
    Specifies available modes, which define how smoothing (antialiasing) is applied to lines and curves and the edges of filled areas.
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