VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.4: Documentation for Web developer
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In This Topic
    Vintasoft.Imaging Namespace (Vintasoft.Shared)
    In This Topic
    Contains base classes for working with 2D graphics.
    ClassSpecifies the bitmap channels format.
    ClassRepresents an error that occurs if SDK needs to create bitmap with size more than size specified in the MaxBitmapSize property.
    ClassRepresents a channel format.
    ClassDefines an order of color channels rearrangement.
    ClassSpecifies a color space and order of color channels.
    ClassRepresents a collection of most commonly used color space formats.
    ClassContains information about a raster image in managed memory.
    ClassDefines a palette of the image.
    ClassContains information about a raster image in unmanaged memory.
    ClassContains information about a bitmap.
    ClassProvides accsess to a bitmap data.
    EnumerationSpecifies available modes of bitmap's locking.
    EnumerationSpecifies available color space types.
    EnumerationSpecifies available formats of the color data for each pixel in the image.
    StructureStores an ordered pair of float values, typically the horizontal and vertical resolution.
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