VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.4: Documentation for .NET developer
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    Localize VintaSoft .NET assembly
    In This Topic
    All VintaSoft .NET assemblies have English language localization.

    Also VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK provides the ability to localize the following VintaSoft .NET assemblies (using satellite resource assemblies) into any language:

    If you want to localize a Vintasoft .NET assembly, which is not present in the list above, please let us know and we will provide you the ability to localize the necessary Vintasoft .NET assembly.

    Installer of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK delivers satellite assemblies in German language. The satellite assemblies in German language can be found in "{SdkInstallPath}\Imaging .NET v12.4\Bin\DotNetX\AnyCPU\de\" folder.

    If you want to localize a VintaSoft .NET assembly from the list above, for example Vintasoft.Imaging.Pdf.dll, you need to do the following steps: