VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.3: Documentation for .NET developer
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    PDF: Work with actions of PDF interactive form field
    In This Topic
    PdfInteractiveFormField.AdditionalActions property allows to define the following actions connected with the form field data:

    PdfAnnotation.ActivateAction and PdfAnnotation.AdditionalActions properties allow to define the actions, connected with the visual appearance of form. For example, the action that should be performed if the mouse button is clicked above annotation or the action that should be performed when the page with annotation has become visible.

    The interactive form may include a field, the value of which must be recalculated if the value of any other field has changed. PdfDocumentInteractiveForm.CalculationOrder property allows to define a list of fields selected for recalculation. The recalculation is performed in order of fields in the property.

    To recalculate the field value dynamically is necessary to do the following:

    Here are examples, which demonstrate how to create buttons with actions: