VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.4: Documentation for .NET developer
In This Topic
    View images in WPF
    In This Topic
    WpfImageViewer is a WPF control, designed to display collection of images.

    WpfImageViewer can work separately
    WpfImageViewer can work as a slave viewer of another WpfImageViewer or WpfThumbnailViewer
    Here is C#/VB.NET code that shows how to load images to WpfImageViewer and select the last image for displaying:
    wpfImageViewer1.FocusedIndex = wpfImageViewer1.Images.Count - 1;
    wpfImageViewer1.FocusedIndex = wpfImageViewer1.Images.Count - 1

    Preview of images

    Image viewer display mode

    WpfImageViewer can display one or several images simulateously.

    The WpfImageViewer.DisplayMode property allows to set one of the predefined display modes:
    Also WpfImageViewer allows to define the custom image display mode using the following properties:

    Preview modes

    WpfImageViewer can preview image in different modes.

    The WpfImageViewer.SizeMode property allows to set one of the predefined preview modes:

    Rendering quality

    WpfImageViewer can use low and high rendering quality for preview images.

    Here, for comparison, is the same image rendered with low and high quality:

    Rendering quality can be changed with the WpfImageViewer.RenderingQuality property.

    Rendering settings

    Vector images/documents, for example PDF documents, must be rendered before preview in the WpfImageViewer.

    Rendering settings for vector images/documents can be set with the WpfImageViewer.ImageRenderingSettings property.

    Manipulation of images

    Hot keys

    WpfImageViewer has hot keys:
    Hot keys can be enabled/disabled with the WpfImageViewerBase.InputGestureCopy, WpfImageViewerBase.InputGestureCut, WpfImageViewerBase.InputGestureInsert, WpfImageViewerBase.InputGestureDelete properties.
    Behaviour of hot keys can be overriden with the WpfImageViewerBase.GetCopyCommand, WpfImageViewerBase.GetCutCommand, WpfImageViewerBase.GetInsertCommand, WpfImageViewerBase.GetDeleteCommand methods.

    Context menu of image viewer

    WpfImageViewer can have standard WPF context menu as any WPF control.

    Visual tools

    The visual tools extend functionality of WpfImageViewer class and allow to process images interactively.

    Active visual tool of the WpfImageViewer can be set using the WpfImageViewer.VisualTool property.