VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.0
In This Topic
    AnnotationViewUndoMonitor Class
    In This Topic
    Undo monitor that monitors the AnnotationView object and adds undo action to an undo manager if AnnotationView is changed.
    Object Model
    Vintasoft.Data.IDataStorage Vintasoft.Imaging.Undo.UndoManager Vintasoft.Imaging.Annotation.UI.Undo.AnnotationViewUndoMonitor
    Public Class AnnotationViewUndoMonitor
       Inherits UndoMonitor
    public class AnnotationViewUndoMonitor : UndoMonitor
    public __gc class AnnotationViewUndoMonitor : public UndoMonitor
    public ref class AnnotationViewUndoMonitor : public UndoMonitor
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    Target Platforms: .NET 6; .NET 5; .NET Core 3.1; .NET Framework 4.8, 4.7, 4.6, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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