VintaSoftTwain Control v6.0
VintaSoftTwain Object / AcquiredImages_GetImageAsBase64String Method
Zero-based index of image in acquired image collection. Valid values are from 0 to (AcquiredImages_Count-1).
In This Topic
    AcquiredImages_GetImageAsBase64String Method
    In This Topic
    Returns acquired image as Base64 string.
    Visual Basic
    Public Function AcquiredImages_GetImageAsBase64String( _
       ByVal index As Long, _
       ByVal imageFileFormat As enumTwainImageEncoderType _
    ) As String
    Zero-based index of image in acquired image collection. Valid values are from 0 to (AcquiredImages_Count-1).
    TWAINIMAGEENCODERTYPE_BmpEncoderEncoder of BMP files.
    TWAINIMAGEENCODERTYPE_JpegEncoderEncoder of JPEG files.
    TWAINIMAGEENCODERTYPE_PdfEncoderEncoder of PDF documents.
    TWAINIMAGEENCODERTYPE_PngEncoderEncoder of PNG files.
    TWAINIMAGEENCODERTYPE_TiffEncoderEncoder of TIFF files.
    Return Type
    Image as Base64 string.
    This method returns a Base64 string which can be used in browser for previewing image.

    Parameters of JPEG encoder can be set using JpegEncoder_JpegQuality and JpegEncoder_JpegColorSpace  properties.

    Parameters of PDF encoder can be set using PdfEncoder_CompressionPdfEncoder_MultiPagePdfEncoder_PdfACompatible, PdfEncoder_DocumentAuthorPdfEncoder_DocumentCreationDatePdfEncoder_DocumentCreator, PdfEncoder_DocumentKeywordsPdfEncoder_DocumentModificationDate, PdfEncoder_DocumentProducerPdfEncoder_DocumentSubjectPdfEncoder_DocumentTitle, PngEncoder_CompressionLevel (for ZIP compression), JpegEncoder_JpegQuality (for JPEG compression) and JpegEncoder_JpegColorSpace (for JPEG compression) properties.

    Parameters of PNG encoder can be set using PngEncoder_CompressionLevel property.

    Parameters of TIFF encoder can be set using TiffEncoder_CompressionImageTiffMultipagePngEncoder_CompressionLevel (for ZIP compression), JpegEncoder_JpegQuality (for JPEG compression) and JpegEncoder_JpegColorSpace (for JPEG compression) properties.

    Information about error that occurs during method execution can be get using the Error and ErrorString properties.
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