VintaSoftTwain Control v6.0
VintaSoftTwain Object / Device_Feeder_Enabled Property
In This Topic
    Device_Feeder_Enabled Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value indicating whether document feeder is enabled.
    Property type
    Read-write property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property Device_Feeder_Enabled As Boolean
    Return Type
    TRUE enables and FALSE disables usage of automatic document feeder.

    Call this property after Device_Open method and only if Device_Feeder_Present is TRUE.

    Information about error that occurs during getting/setting property value can be get using the Error and ErrorString properties.

    Here is an example that shows how to use document feeder of the device.
    Private VSTwain1 As New VintaSoftTwain()
    ''' <summary>
    ''' Scans images asynchronously.
    ''' </summary>
    Private Sub StartScan()
        ' open the device manager
        If Not VSTwain1.DeviceManager_Open() Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        ' select device using standard device selection dialog
        ' open the device
        If Not VSTwain1.Device_Open() Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        ' specify that device UI must be shown
        VSTwain1.Device_ShowUI = True
        ' set settings of TIFF encoder
        VSTwain1.TiffEncoder_MultiPage = True
        ' subscribe to the device events
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceImageAcquired, AddressOf VSTwain1_ImageAcquired
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceScanCompleted, AddressOf VSTwain1_ScanCompleted
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceScanFailed, AddressOf VSTwain1_ScanFailed
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceScanCanceled, AddressOf VSTwain1_ScanCanceled
        ' if device has feeder
        If VSTwain1.Device_Feeder_Present Then
            ' enable feeder
            VSTwain1.Device_Feeder_Enabled = True
            ' specify that application want to acquire all pages from the feeder
            VSTwain1.Device_XferCount = -1
            ' if pages can be scanned in duplex mode
            If VSTwain1.Device_Feeder_DuplexMode <> DUPLEXMODE.DUPLEXMODE_NoDuplex Then
                ' enable duplex scanning
                VSTwain1.Device_Feeder_DuplexEnabled = True
            End If
            ' if feeder can detect paper
            If VSTwain1.Device_Feeder_PaperDetectable Then
                ' if feeder is loaded
                If VSTwain1.Device_Feeder_Loaded Then
                    ' acquire images asynchronously
                End If
                ' acquire images asynchronously
            End If
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ImageAcquired()
        ' get index of acquired image
        Dim imageIndex As Integer = VSTwain1.AcquiredImages_Count - 1
        ' save acquired image to TIFF file
        If Not VSTwain1.AcquiredImages_Save(imageIndex, "test.tif") Then
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ScanCompleted()
        Console.WriteLine("Scan is completed.")
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ScanFailed(errorString As String)
        Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Scan is failed: {0}.", errorString))
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ScanCanceled()
        Console.WriteLine("Scan is canceled.")
    End Sub
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