VintaSoftTwain Control v6.0
VintaSoftTwain Object / Device_GetImageLayoutAsString Method
Number of digits after point in float value.
In This Topic
    Device_GetImageLayoutAsString Method
    In This Topic
    Returns string that defines image layout for current scan session.
    Visual Basic
    Public Function Device_GetImageLayoutAsString( _
       ByVal digitsAfterPoint As Long _
    ) As String
    Number of digits after point in float value.
    Return Type
    Coordinate values of image layout rectangle as a string in the following format: "left top right bottom". Here is an example: "0.0 0.33 3.47 6.12".
    The image layout rectangle defines what portion of the device's scanning area will be acquired.

    Call this method only when device is opened (Device_State == enumDevice_State.DeviceOpened).

    This method has effect only if user interface is not shown (Device_ShowUI == False).
    This example shows how to get image layout before image scan.
    Private VSTwain1 As New VintaSoftTwain()
    ''' <summary>
    ''' Scans images asynchronously.
    ''' </summary>
    Private Sub ScanImages()
        ' open the device manager
        If Not VSTwain1.DeviceManager_Open() Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        ' select device using standard device selection dialog
        ' open the device
        If Not VSTwain1.Device_Open Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        ' set units of measure to inches
        VSTwain1.Device_UnitOfMeasure = UNITOFMEASURE.UNITOFMEASURE_Inches
        ' get the image layout as string
        Dim imageLayoutString As String = VSTwain1.Device_GetImageLayoutAsString(7)
        ' subscribe to the device events
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceImageAcquired, AddressOf VSTwain1_ImageAcquired
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceScanCompleted, AddressOf VSTwain1_ScanCompleted
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceScanFailed, AddressOf VSTwain1_ScanFailed
        AddHandler VSTwain1.DeviceScanCanceled, AddressOf VSTwain1_ScanCanceled
        ' acquire images asynchronously
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ImageAcquired()
        ' get index of acquired image
        Dim imageIndex As Integer = VSTwain1.AcquiredImages_Count - 1
        ' save acquired image to TIFF file
        If Not VSTwain1.AcquiredImages_Save(imageIndex, "test.tif") Then
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ScanCompleted()
        Console.WriteLine("Scan is completed.")
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ScanFailed(errorString As String)
        Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Scan is failed: {0}.", errorString))
    End Sub
    Private Sub VSTwain1_ScanCanceled()
        Console.WriteLine("Scan is canceled.")
    End Sub
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