VintaSoftTwain Control v6.0
VintaSoftTwain Object / Device_TransferMode Property
In This Topic
    Device_TransferMode Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the transfer mode of device.
    Property type
    Read-write property
    Visual Basic
    Public Property Device_TransferMode As enumTransferMode
    Return Type
    The transfer mode that must be used for acquiring images.
    Native transfer mode is the fast and simple transfer mode and it's supported by any device.

    Memory transfer mode should be used if it's necessary to scan high quality images (16-bit grayscale or 48-bit color images) or it's necessary to scan large images with high Device_ImageResolution (more than 300 dpi). This transfer mode is supported by any device.

    File transfer mode can be useful with high speed scanners. Scanned images will be saved directly to a disk without any memory operations. Not all devices support this transfer mode.
    Please see example here.
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