How can I see Vinta Elements in ToolBox? (VS2008)

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How can I see Vinta Elements in ToolBox? (VS2008)

Post by Junhui »

Hello, I'm starter of Vintasoft sdk .NET and I want to use Vintasoft.Imaging & Annotation plugin.
Now I testing these features and willing to buy licenses..
Anyway, My testing environment is "Visual Studio 2008, project codes are written in C# ", and already installed VintaSoftImaging .NET SDK 5.0,
and imported dll files(Vintasoft.Imaging, Vintasoft.Annotation) in Project's References.
I want to put "AnnotationViewer" into Panel at Design Mode, but there are no AnnotationViewer element (and whole VintaSoft element) in Visual Studio Tool Box.
(Usually in design mode, drag element or user controls from toolbox and drop them to panel or forms... am I getting wrong? )
How can I see them in Visual Studio ToolBox?
I also opened AnnotationDemo Project, and saw annotationViewer1 is in the splitterPanel. But in there, I can't see VintaSoft controls in toolbox.
Let me know how can I handle this. :D

Thank you for reading.

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Re: How can I see Vinta Elements in ToolBox? (VS2008)

Post by Alex »


You need do the following steps:
  • Start Visual Studio.NET with your own project
  • Open the main form in design view
  • Open Toolbox pane
  • Right mouse click on the Toolbox pane
  • Select "Customize Toolbox..." menu item from popup menu
  • Open .NET Framework Components tab
  • Click "Browse..." and select Vintasoft.Imaging.dll and Vintasoft.Annotation.dll files
  • Find and check the Vintasoft.Annotation.AnnotationViewer control in the list
  • Close window using OK button
  • Find and select in the Toolbox pane Vintasoft.Annotation.AnnotationViewer item
  • Place the Vintasoft.Annotation.AnnotationViewer control on the form by selecting control rectangle
Best regards, Alexander

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