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annotations tool strip

Post by jhoweth » Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:04 am

I just started trying to understand this tool. I was surprised that the tools are all in a tools strip and can't be added to a form individually. I can select an edit the strip and remove, re-arrange but when I run it goes back to the original layout.

I typically would just use 2 or 3 of the tools from the available list.

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Re: annotations tool strip

Post by Alex » Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:31 am

Hello James,

What functionality do you want to add to your application?

AnnotationsToolStrip class is a tool strip and it allows to start building of annotation on the image. You can find source codes of AnnotationsToolStrip in our Annotation Demo and modify source codes if this is necessary.

Best regards, Alexander

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