Pick up Referenced Image programatically

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Pick up Referenced Image programatically

Post by angel_jakimovski »

Is there a way to pickup ReferencedImage as annotation tool for the Annotation Viewer, so the user can always add the same referenced image as annotation, without to have to use it from the toolstrip? I am using this code:

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annotationView = GetAnnotationMarkImage("C:\\cancel-icon.png");
annotationView.Size = new SizeF(32, 32);
if (annotationView != null && tabImages.SelectedTab.AttachedControl is AnnotationViewer)
but it adds new annotation on load (top left corner), and I don't need that one there

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Re: Pick up Referenced Image programatically

Post by Alex »

Hello Angel,

Please see the following code sample:

and let me know if you will have any question or problem.

Also please read about annotation's coordinate system and units of measure here:
http://www.vintasoft.com/docs/vsimaging ... _Data.html

Best regards, Alexander

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