Convert XFA PDF to non-XFA PDF

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Convert XFA PDF to non-XFA PDF

Post by IntegraMike »

Hello, I'm looking for a way to convert XFA PDFs into standard PDFs, especially dynamic XFA forms (some of which have JavaScript). I've looked at the PdfDocumentConverter and while it seems to convert between PDF standards, is there a good way to take the stuff from the XFA document and turn that into a standard PDF document?

Unfortunately XFA doesn't play well with other parts of our application and previously we have been able to convert them so we're looking for a solution to keep this behavior while fully converting to the VintaSoft toolkit.

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Re: Convert XFA PDF to non-XFA PDF

Post by Alex »

Hello Mike,

VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK does not support PDF XFA because PDF XFA is deprecated in PDF 2.0.

Best regads, Alexander
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