PdfAnnotationTool AnnotationViewCollection Caching

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PdfAnnotationTool AnnotationViewCollection Caching

Post by IntegraMike »

I'm trying to solve an issue where transitioning between pages is slow when a decent number of annotations (or most often form fields) are on both pages. I believe this slowness is in adding the relevant AnnotationViews to the AnnotationViewCollection in the tool since that is only tracking the focused page. We're using this with an ImageViewer in SingleContinuousColumn mode. When scrolling this can be a fairly significant lag period, and also has the unfortunate effect of hiding annotations at the bottom of the first page from view while focus is on the second page. Is there anything we can do about this? I can't see any settings to cache multiple pages at a time or populate annotations on a background thread, etc. and it currently can cause a noticeable lag in the application we're trying to mitigate.

Thanks for anything you can provide!
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Re: PdfAnnotationTool AnnotationViewCollection Caching

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Hello Mike,

How many annotations do you have on a PDF page? 10, 50, 100, 1000?
Do you have WPF or WinForms viewer? In WPF viewer SDK creates WPF object for each annotation.

Please send us (to support@vintasoft.com) a project, which demonstrates the problem, we will debug application and try to improve the performance.
If you cannot send us a project, please send us a step-by-step guide, which allows to reproduce the problem using our demos.

Best regards, Alexander
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