Black Images in Application

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Black Images in Application

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We have used your twain control for some time now. We recently replaced some workstations and now we have been having some issues scanning into our web based application. When we scan in images, the VintaSoftTwain control shows the image while it is scanning, but when the image imports into our application, it shows up all black. It will show up the same size as the scan, but no actual image. This is only an issue on the new workstations.

I'm sorry if I don't know much info on the application, I wasn't involved in writing it. All I know is that we have used it for multiple years with no issues. We scan in business cards into our web based app using your VintaSoftTwain control. It worked great for a long time, but some of our machines needed replacing and now the scans show up all black on the new ones.

Any one have any suggestions on what I'm missing?


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Re: Black Images in Application

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Hello Matt,

Please send the following information to
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