Error control not registered VSTwain 4.0

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Error control not registered VSTwain 4.0

Post by miguel.roma »

Hello, I'm running an application (developed by myself) on a computer where ActiveX 4.0 control was once installed for development, but now is uninstalled. This computer keeps VSTWain.dll file only in the same folder as the executable. When I execute the program that uses the ActiveX control the nag screen appears telling me that I must register. The control works but an Access Violation error occurs when calling to "DeleteImage" method. I've deleted all vintasoft entries in the registry and register VSTwain.dll again with no result. How can I completly uninstall the development pakage and use the redistributable VSTwain.dll on a user computer that is not for development anymore?

Thanks in advance,

Miguel Royo
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Re: Error control not registered VSTwain 4.0

Post by Alex »

Hello Miguel,

I think your application was compiled with old version of VintaSoftTwain ActiveX and new version of ActiveX is not compatible with your application.

Please recompile your application with new version of ActiveX.

Best regards, Alexander
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