WPF: Select Multiple Thumbnails

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WPF: Select Multiple Thumbnails

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We are using the WPFViewer and would like to know if is possible to select multiple thumbnails from the viewer and then read each selected thumbnail in the code behind.

If this is possible, can you please point me in the right direction?

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Re: WPF: Select Multiple Thumbnails

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Hello Cesar,

You can enable selection of multiple thumbnails in WpfImageViewer using the WpfThumbnailViewer.MultiSelect property.

WpfThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbnails property returns a collection of selected thumbnails as a collection of instances of ThumbnailImageItem class.

The ThumbnailImageItem.ThumbnailSource property allows to get the thumbnail bitmap source.

I hope I answered to your question.

Best regards, Alexander
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