Rotate the Image Collection

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Rotate the Image Collection

Post by rowdybull »

This is the code from the example now. I would like to be able to pass in the entire collection and have a rotate all 90, 180, 270 option as well. Has anyone achieved this?

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case "Rotate90Button":
case "Rotate180Button":
case "Rotate270Button":
    var angle = 90;
    if (id === "Rotate180Button")
        angle = 180;
    else if (id === "Rotate270Button")
        angle = 270;

    var ajaxParams = {
        type: 'POST',
        data: {
            twainSessionId: twainSessionId,
            imageId: imageId,
            angle: angle,
            thumbnailWidth: _thumbnailWidth,
            thumbnailHeight: _thumbnailHeight
    request = new Vintasoft.Shared.WebRequestJS("RotateImage",
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Re: Rotate the Image Collection

Post by Alex »


Do you want to rotate image for preview or saving?

You can rotate all images in web image viewer using WebImageViewerJS.set_ImageRotationAngle function.
You can rotate separate image(s) in web image viewer using WebImageViewerJS.setCustomImageRotationAngle function.

If you want to rotate images and save rotated images to a file, you need to rotate images using WebRotateCommandJS class and save images to a file.

Best regards, Alexander
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