Position of WPF magnifier tool

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Position of WPF magnifier tool

Post by gpbabu »


Currently, WPF Magnifier tool displays magnifier at the current mouse position. Is it possible to position the magnifier, say 100 pixels to the right from current mouse position. We are looking to show magnifier when user is trying to select an area of an image.


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Re: Position of WPF magnifier tool

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Hello Babu,

You can show the WPF Magnifier at the specified point using the WpfMagnifierTool.Show(PointF) method:
https://www.vintasoft.com/docs/vsimagin ... oint).html

You can hide the WPF Magnifier using the WpfMagnifierTool.Hide method:
https://www.vintasoft.com/docs/vsimagin ... /Hide.html

Best regards, Alexander

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