Converting from ActiveX to .NET SDK

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Converting from ActiveX to .NET SDK

Post by tony_c »

We are trying to replace VSTwain ActiveX control with .NET SDK on our ASPX web application. One of the functionalities that we are using from ActiveX is to do multi-page scanning without showing the UI. Currently this is all JavaScript code using the ActiveX object. Below is the code snippet of the JavaScript code that is currently using the ActiveX object VSTwain.

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VSTwain.tiffMultiPage = true             // multi page TIFF file
VSTwain.tiffCompression = 10           // auto detect of best compression algorithm

VSTwain.unitOfMeasure = 0
if (!showUIChk.checked) 
    VSTwain.resolution = scanResolution
    VSTwain.pixelType = pixelType;

VSTwain.maxImages = 1000;
VSTwain.xferCount = -1;
I want to know how to mimic this code using the Vintasoft JavaScript API. Is there an equivalent of properties like xferCount in the JavaScript API? Is there documentation or examples that I can refer to?


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Re: Converting from ActiveX to .NET SDK

Post by Alex »

Hello Tony,

On-line documentation for VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK is available here: ... rview.html

Please read the "Programming" section in documentation and let me know if you will have any question or problem.

Also please see our on-line demo here:

Best regards, Alexander
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