PdfFreeTextAnnotation border width

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PdfFreeTextAnnotation border width

Post by IntegraHarlan »

I am trying to programmatically adjust the PdfFreeTextAnnotation size so the text is not truncated by the increased border width when the border width property is made larger.
There appear to be a couple things happening that is making this difficult.
When I make the border width larger, there also appears to be an equal amount of space added inside the border.
Also, the text padding is increased by when the border width is increased. The larger the border width is increased, the larger the text offset.
1. Is there way to make it so only the border width is added and not the extra space and extra text padding inside the border?
2. I am also trying to calculate the amount of space the border takes up. I tried to use The ConvertFromUnitOfMeasureToUserUnits method, but It did not appear to give me an accurate measure of the size. Is there some other way I need to calculate the border width?

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Re: PdfFreeTextAnnotation border width

Post by Alex »

Hi Harlan,

Please open document in Adobe Reader, add free text annotation to PDF page, increase border width and see the result - Adobe also adds extra padding to the text when border size is increased. VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK works like Adobe Reader.

Best regards, Alexander
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