Accessing images through standalone angular app

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Accessing images through standalone angular app

Post by PraveenKumar »

Hello Team,

I have downloaded the "AspNetCoreAngularAnnotationDemo" application. I have hosted the Angular client app on different port (http://localhost:4200) and the .net Core app is running on (https://localhost:44308). Now i am trying to access the backend api's throught my client app.
In order to do so i have made some following changes on the code

instead of giving (vintasoft/api/MyVintasoftFileApi) as endpoints i have given as below

Vintasoft.Shared.WebServiceJS.defaultFileService = new Vintasoft.Shared.WebServiceControllerJS('https://localhost:44308/vintasoft/api/M ... oftFileApi');

But when i am trying to open any image file through the viewer it returns error as it searches for the image file in (localhost:4200).

How can i change the path of the stored image in the api so that i can return the full path of the image which will start with ('https://localhost:44308/).

In my case i need vintasoft image annotation to be done on .net core web api and my front end app will run on some other port unlike the application i have downloaded from vintasoft website where both the frontend app and backend app runs on same port.

Please Help. 8-)
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Re: Accessing images through standalone angular app

Post by Alex »

Hello Praveen,

The AspNetCoreAngularAnnotationDemo project has several web services: Vintasoft.Shared.WebServiceJS.defaultFileService, Vintasoft.Shared.WebServiceJS.defaultImageCollectionService, Vintasoft.Shared.WebServiceJS.defaultImageService, Vintasoft.Shared.WebServiceJS.defaultAnnotationService. Please make sure that you are using correct URLs for all these web services.

Best regards, Alexander
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