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Vintasoft.Barcode.BarcodeInfo Namespace / BarcodeSubsetInfo Class
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    BarcodeSubsetInfo Class Members
    In This Topic
    The following tables list the members exposed by BarcodeSubsetInfo.
    Public Constructors
    Public ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the BarcodeSubsetInfo class.
    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets a barcode class: 1D or 2D. (Inherited from BarcodeInfoBase)
    Public PropertyGets an information about barcode symbology subset.
    Public PropertyGets a barcode symbology type.
    Public PropertyGets a base barcode info.
    Public PropertyGets or sets a barcode confidence, in percents.
    Public PropertyGets a scan direction in which the barcode was found.
    Public PropertyShows what part of barcode scan lines are correct.
    Public PropertyGets a barcode region.
    Public PropertyGets a value that indicating whether non-data flags or ECI character is visible in barcode value.
    Public PropertyGets an array of symbol components from which the barcode symbol is composed.
    Public PropertyGets a threshold value of barcode.
    Public PropertyGets a barcode string.
    Public PropertyGets an array of value items of decoded barcode.
    Public Methods
    Public MethodCompares two objects and returns a value indicating whether one is less than, equal to, or greater than the other.
    Public MethodDetermines whether the barcode structure, which is specified by IBarcodeInfo, is equal to the barcode structure of this instance. (Inherited from BarcodeInfoBase)
    Public MethodConverts the information about barcode of this instance to its equivalent string. (Inherited from BarcodeInfoBase)
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