VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.3: Documentation for .NET developer
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    Vintasoft.Imaging.Wpf.UI Namespace (Vintasoft.Imaging.Wpf.UI)
    In This Topic
    Contains classes for displaying images.
    ClassDefines the composite input gesture.
    ClassDefines the dynamic input gesture.
    ClassRepresents a collection of selected thumbnails.
    ClassContent control that represents a thumbnail of VintasoftImage.
    ClassSpecifies the caption of a thumbnail.
    ClassProvides data for the CaptionFormatted event.
    ClassRepresents a collection of ThumbnailImageItem.
    ClassRepresents a surface for drawing on thumbnail image of ThumbnailImageItem.
    ClassProvides data for the ThumbnailAdded and ThumbnailRemoved events.
    ClassDefines style of ThumbnailImageItem.
    ClassViewer control for displaying the animation from images.
    ClassProvides cursor for WPF.
    ClassViewer control for displaying a collection of images.
    ClassProvides a base class for image viewer.
    ClassRepresents a surface for drawing on current image of WpfImageViewer.
    ClassManages the asynchronous operations of the WPF image viewer images.
    ClassContains information about the state of the image viewer.
    ClassProvides data for the MasterViewerChanged event.
    ClassControl for displaying/changing the palette of image.
    ClassDraws a cell of a WpfPaletteViewer.
    ClassProvides an abstract base class that allows to move and resize the rectangular objects.
    ClassDefines a base class for WPF VintaSoft controls, which support auto-scrolling behavior.
    ClassProvides the syncrionization provider for WPF application.
    ClassProvides System.Windows.Controls.TextBox functionality.
    ClassProvides data for the ThumbnailControlCreating and ThumbnailControlDisposing events.
    ClassViewer control for displaying the thumbnails of image collection.
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