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In This Topic
    VintasoftLocalizationJS type
    In This Topic
    Provides functionality for localization DOM elements and constant strings.
    var instance = new Vintasoft.Shared.VintasoftLocalizationJS();
    function VintasoftLocalizationJS;

    For using localization functionality is necessary to do the following steps:

    • Create folder, for example "locales", which will store files necessary for localization.
    • In folder "locales" create a JSON file, for example "settings.json", which will store information about supported localization languages.
    • In folder "locales" for each supported localization language add dictionary file. File name must be in the following format: "{locale}.txt", for example "en.txt".
    • In "head" section of HTML page, which must be localized, add a "link" element with attribute "rel='localization'". Here is example: "<link rel='localization' href='/locales/settings.json'>".
    • In footer of HTML page create instance of this class.

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