VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK 15.0: Documentation for Web developer
Vintasoft.Twain Namespace / WebTwainDeviceJS type
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In This Topic
    WebTwainDeviceJS type
    In This Topic
    Class that allows to work with TWAIN/SANE device.
    // Parameters
    var deviceName; // Type: string
    var productFamily; // Type: string
    var manufacturer; // Type: string
    var driverVersion; // Type: string
    var twainVersion; // Type: string
    var deviceManager; // Type: WebTwainDeviceManagerJS
    var is64Bit; // Type: boolean
    var instance = new Vintasoft.Twain.WebTwainDeviceJS(deviceName, productFamily, manufacturer, driverVersion, twainVersion, deviceManager, is64Bit);
    function WebTwainDeviceJS;
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