VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK v10.0
Vintasoft.WpfBarcode Namespace / IBarcodeInfo Interface

In This Topic
    IBarcodeInfo Interface Properties
    In This Topic

    For a list of all members of this type, see IBarcodeInfo members.

    Public Properties
     PropertyGets a barcode class: 1D or 2D.  
     PropertyGets a barcode type.  
     PropertyGets or sets barcode confidence, in percents.  
     PropertyGets a barcode direction.  
     PropertyGets a barcode reading quality.  
     PropertyGets a barcode region.  
     PropertyGets or sets a value that indicating whether non-data flags, ECI character or Structured Append character is visible in barcode value.  
     PropertyGets an array of symbol components from which symbol is composed.  
     PropertyGets a threshold value of barcode.  
     PropertyGets a barcode string.  
     PropertyGets an array of value items of barcode.  
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