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Here you can get information how to learn our products, submit your question, message about bug or comment.

Above all we recommend you to read "Getting Started" and "Programming" sections in Documentation file before beginning your first project. VintaSoft products have many classes and namespaces. These sections should help you to gain an understanding of where to start and of the classes you are likely to need in a project.

Licensing overview

Updates & support

Any license price includes 1 year free updates and support subscription.

Free update means that you are entitled to get any new version within 1 year since the purchase date.

Free support means that you are entitled to receive full featured support for the most current version within 1 year since the purchase date. Generally you will receive an answer within a few business hours.

Version support

We provide technical support only for the most current version.

VintaSoft expressly disclaims any request to provide old version for download. We do not support old versions.

Subscription renewal

When your license 1 year free updates and support period expires, you can continue to use the last installed version of Software or you can renew your license subscription for the next year. One-year subscription costs 50% of your license price. Please contact our Customer Support Service for renewal instructions.

E-mail blocking

Important: If you have not received an answer within 2 business days, please make sure that our email was not blocked by your spam filter or bounced by your email server.

Please utilize Support Center to avoid any e-mail delivery related problems.

Support resources


The documentation provides you with information on how to develop applications for Windows using Vinta software.

The documentation covers all VintaSoft products:

The documentation is available in CHM format (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) and can be found in \Documentation folder.




We provide a large set of Demo programs which .exe files and source codes are available as part of any product installation.

Demo applications are in \Bin folder. Source codes are in \Examples folder.




You can find answers to frequently asked questions on our web site:



Source code examples

You can download a large set of source code examples from our web site:



Community Forums

VintaSoft products discussions in the Community Forums provide a convenient place for programmers to exchange information. Please search or post your technical questions there. VintaSoft's Customer Support Service monitors forums every workday.



Support Center

If all present above resources do not resolve your problems, please write us a message.

Log into Support Center and leave there your question for our Customer Support Service. This method completely avoids you from situation with mail delivery errors and allows you to check status of your request in real-time mode.

Prefer to e-mail? Email your question directly to

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