VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK v10.2
Vintasoft.Twain.Web.WcfServices Namespace / IVintasoftTwainWcfService Interface

In This Topic
    IVintasoftTwainWcfService Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IVintasoftTwainWcfService.

    Public Methods
     MethodAcquires image(s) from the device synchronously.  
     MethodSends the cancel current transfer command to the device (transfer will not be canceled right after execution of this method).  
     MethodCloses the TWAIN device.  
     MethodCloses the TWAIN device manager.  
     MethodCloses the TWAIN session.  
     MethodCreates the TWAIN session.  
     MethodReturns information about TWAIN device capabilities.  
     MethodReturns information about TWAIN device capability.  
     MethodReturns information about devices installed in the system.  
     MethodReturns information about all capabilities supported by TWAIN device.  
     MethodOpens the TWAIN device.  
     MethodOpens the TWAIN device manager.  
     MethodRefreshes the TWAIN session, i.e. marks TWAIN session as active session.  
     MethodSets the TWAIN device capability.  
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