VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK 12.4
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    Vintasoft.Barcode Namespace
    In This Topic
    Contains classes for barcode reading and writing.
    ClassProvides a base abstract class that renders barcode on System.Drawing.Graphics.
    ClassProvides data for the barcode image changed action.
    ClassClass that allows to read barcodes from the image.
    ClassProvides data for the BarcodeReader.Progress event.
    ClassProvides data for the CameraBarcodeScanner.BarcodeRecognized event.
    ClassProvides a base abstract class of barcode renderer.
    ClassContains supported barcode symbologies.
    ClassA class that defines the barcode symbology.
    ClassClass that allows to generate barcodes as raster image, graphics path, SVG file or barcode structure.
    ClassClass that allows to recognize barcodes from the frames, which are captured from camera.
    ClassProvides data for the CameraBarcodeScanner.FrameScanFinished event.
    ClassProvides data for the CameraBarcodeScanner.FrameScanStarting event.
    ClassProvides information about 8-bit grayscale image source.
    ClassProvides information about an image source.
    ClassThe exception that is thrown when an internal error is occured in the library.
    ClassContains checksum calculation algorithms, which are defined in ISO/IEC 7064.
    ClassClass that contains information about the image of PDF document.
    ClassClass that allows to retrieve image resources from the PDF document.
    ClassEncapsulates the settings for reading barcodes from images.
    ClassContains information about region of barcode.
    ClassEncapsulates the settings for writing barcodes to image.
    ClassThe exception that is thrown when an BarcodeWriter.Settings is incorrect.
    InterfaceSpecification for a barcode information.
    DelegateRepresents the method that draws the decorations (logo, arts and etc) on barcode image.
    DelegateRepresents the method that verifies the information about barcode found by barcode reader.
    EnumerationSpecifies available barcode characteristics.
    EnumerationSpecifies available formats of the barcode image.
    EnumerationSpecifies the format of the color data for each pixel in the barcode image.
    EnumerationSpecifies available barcode classes: 1D or 2D.
    EnumerationSpecifies available attributes of barcode symbology.
    EnumerationSpecifies available types of barcode symbologies.
    EnumerationSpecifies available bearer bar styles.
    EnumerationSpecifies avaliable recognition modes of camera barcode scanner.
    EnumerationSpecifies available pixel formats of image source.
    EnumerationSpecifies available compressions for data of PDF document.
    EnumerationSpecifies available direction types for barcode scanning.
    EnumerationSpecifies available packages of SDK.
    EnumerationSpecifies available modes of threshold detection.
    EnumerationSpecifies available units of measure.
    EnumerationSpecifies available types of exceptions which can occur in WriterSettings.
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