VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.3: Documentation for .NET developer
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    Vintasoft.Imaging.FormsProcessing.TemplateMatching Namespace (Vintasoft.Imaging.FormsProcessing)
    In This Topic
    Contains classes, which allow to create image imprint and compare images.
    ClassContains information about the imprint of an image.
    ClassCompares imprints of two images.
    ClassCompares imprint of an image with the imprint of another image.
    ClassStores an execution result of the ImageImprintComparerCommand.
    ClassContains information about the result of image imprint comparison.
    ClassGenerates an imprint of an image.
    ClassRecognizes key zones, based on lines, on an image.
    ClassA key zone, which is specified using line.
    ClassSearches the corner marks on an image.
    ClassProvides an abstract base class for a key zone on an image.
    ClassRecognizes key zones on an image.
    ClassStores an execution result of the KeyZoneRecognizerCommand.
    ClassAligns an image using the comparison result of image and template image.
    ClassCompares an image with template images and determines the template image which is most closely matches the image.
    ClassStores an execution result of the TemplateMatchingCommand.
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