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Vintasoft.Imaging.Pdf.Tree.InteractiveForms Namespace / PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField Class
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In This Topic
    PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField Class
    In This Topic
    Provides information about interactive form field that defines radio button.
    Object Model
    PdfFont PdfInteractiveFormFieldAdditionalActions PdfInteractiveFormField PdfInteractiveFormField PdfWidgetAnnotation PdfInteractiveFormFieldList PdfDocument PdfIndirectReference PdfBasicObject PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField
    Public Class PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField
       Inherits PdfInteractiveFormSwitchableButtonField
    public class PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField : PdfInteractiveFormSwitchableButtonField
    public __gc class PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField : public PdfInteractiveFormSwitchableButtonField*
    public ref class PdfInteractiveFormRadioButtonField : public PdfInteractiveFormSwitchableButtonField^

    Like check boxes, individual radio buttons have two states, on and off. A single radio button may not be turned off directly but only as a result of another button being turned on. Typically, a set of radio buttons have at most one button in the on state at any given time; selecting any of the buttons automatically deselects all the others.

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    Target Platforms: .NET 7; .NET 6; .NET 5; .NET Core 3.1; .NET Framework 4.8, 4.7, 4.6, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5

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