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By the way, I really appreciate the great support you provide. You are in a different time zone, so the response is almost always next morning for us, but I can always count on getting that response in the morning without fail. Much appreciated!

Steven Leberman
Senior Software developer

VintaSoft Document Cleanup .NET Plug-in - History

Version 3.5 (version 8.5 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created the processing command LineRecognitionCommand, which allows to perform the search of lines on the image.
  • Created the processing command LineFillingCommand, which allows to fill lines in the image.
  • The commands for removing and filling lines have been extended with ability to find the lines with breaks.
  • Process the document images in web application:
    • A platform-independent web service has been created for processing images of documents. The platform-independent web service allows quickly create web service for any .NET compatible web platform, e.g. for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, ServiceStack. The web service is located in Vintasoft.Imaging.DocCleanup.Web.Services.dll assembly.
    • Created web service for processing images of documents in ASP.NET MVC 5. The web service is located in Vintasoft.Imaging.DocCleanup.Web.Api2Controllers.dll assembly.
    • JavaScript classes for processing the document images are now fully compatible with jQuery 2 and 3.
  • The detailed information about API changes is located in Changes History article.

Version 3.4 (version 8.4 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created the web services for processing of document images:
    • Created the Web API controller for processing of document images in ASP.NET MVC.
    • Created the HTTP handler for processing of document images in ASP.NET.
    • Created the WCF service for processing of document images in ASP.NET.
  • Created a set of JavaScript classes to simplify work with web services.

Version 3.1 (version 8.1 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Added the ability to define the permissible minimum dimension of segment in ImageSegmentationCommand.

Version 3.0 (version 8.0 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created new image processing and document cleanup commands:
    • ImageSegmentationCommand - implements search for regions with pictures in color document images.
    • AdvancedReplaceColorCommand - substitutes the image colors defined by color spheres with the ability of linear interpolation of color.
    • ColorNoiseClearCommand - cleans up noise and artifacts of specified colors in 24-bit image.

Version 2.2 (version 7.2 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created new document cleanup commands:
    • HalftoneRecognitionCommand - seeks for halftone regions on the image.
    • HalftoneRemovalCommand - removes halftones from the image.
    • RestoreTextFromHalftoneCommand - restores text in halftone regions on the image.

Version 2.1 (version 7.1 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created new document cleanup command:
    • AutoTextOrientationCommand - recognizes text orientation and rotates picture in right direction automatically (for languages ​​based on the Latin alphabet only).

Version 1.1 (version 6.1 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created new document cleanup commands:
    • AutoInvertCommand - inverts inverted document image automatically.
    • AutoTextInvertCommand - inverts inverted text on document image automatically.
    • HolePunchRemovalCommand - removes hole punches from images automatically.
    • LineRemovalCommand - removes extraneous lines from document images automatically (lines of forms, tables, underlining/strikethrough of text, noise).

Version 1.0 (version 6.0 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created VintaSoft Document Cleanup .NET Plug-in for VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK, which coopted into itself all commands for cleaning up electronic document images.
  • Document images can be black-white, palette, grey and color images.
  • Document cleanup commands:
    • BorderClearCommand - converts dark noisy borders into background color automatically.
    • DespeckleCommand - removes speckles from image automatically.
    • DeskewCommand - rotates the specified image to straighten it automatically.
    • BorderRemovalCommand - removes dark borders automatically.
    • DocumentSegmentationCommand - detects different zone types on image automatically for further OCR.