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I’ve enjoyed working with your products and received an excellent level of support from you personally. I would have no hesitation in recommending VintaSoft to colleagues and others. Bill Dowton
Director - Design Systems Technology Limited
Generally I can say that your SDK is the most comprehensive Tool I’ve ever seen and your support is exemplary. Thomas Schneider
DataScan Computersysteme GmbH
I have been using Vintasoft Twain since 2004 and it has been solid as a rock since it was first specially adapted for my particular requirements. Unlike many companies support from the team and in particular Alex is outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending the company and its products. Dave Talbot
Managing Director - DJ Talbot & Associates Ltd
As manager of the team using your Document Imaging SDK within AG Insurance, I would like to take the time to thank you about the support provided until now. Your support is effective and we are happy about your reaction time when issues/questions are reported. Olivier Van Pevenaeyge
AG Insurance
Please extend my thanks to you development team ... we are very happy to use your SDK within our Application. It works perfectly and we have had very very few issues in the past! Kurt Brauchli
Basys Data GmbH
I have used many different Imaging products. Hands down you have the best product out of the bunch. I love the fact it is extendable - it works fast and it just works. Keep up the fantastic work. Steve Thompson
Electrical Resources, Inc
By the way, I really appreciate the great support you provide. You are in a different time zone, so the response is almost always next morning for us, but I can always count on getting that response in the morning without fail. Much appreciated! Steven Leberman
Senior Software Developer | Hunter Warfield
We are extremely delighted to endorse the VintaSoft products. We bought one of their .NET SDK for developing a product for the one of the world's largest automobile maker. We bought their software after doing immense performance testing and stress testing. The product came out as a clear winner and we have been using it for the last one year and it made our life easy and their SDK has helped us automate a key function which saved us 18% of the printing cost and time. Thirukkumaran Haridass
Project Manager - Houston Texas USA
I used your ActiveX twain controls seven or eight years ago in a VB6 project that turned out to be a very successful and profitable tool for the business. So it was an easy decision to choose your .NET version. I just finished an awesome scanning engine for this new project , which happens to be pretty much a rewrite of that same VB6 software. You made it very easy for me. I've already demonstrated the new scanning module to the owners, and they are very pleased. So am I. Thank you for quality work at a very reasonable price. Robert Lewis
Lewis IT Consulting
Because of the quality of your products and, even more, because of your quick and effective technical support I would recommend your .NET products to anyone. We are using Scan, Imaging and Annotation in few of our products, for over one year, without any problems. Please continue with good work! Ninoslav Rasinec
RAVERUS d.o.o.
I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your excellent support and solid product. Your twain product is much better than the product we were working with previously and your support response and quality is 100% better. Scott Harding
TimeSlice Technologies Corp.
I have used Vintasoft’s libraries for the past five years and credit them for delivering high-valued software that is well priced and functionally robust. Vintasoft’s components are well designed and they consistently release updates that improve reliability and performance. I highly recommend developers to consider the Vintasoft tools as a natural plug-in for any project you tackle. Paul Smietan
CTO | GoScan, Inc.
Got it downloaded and we will put that to work right away! We purchased a .Net twain control set for a custom written application using cameras about three years ago. We found Vintasoft in an Internet search. When we updating the software, we purchased the newer version that we needed. Our developer had said it was well written code. Thank you once again. Peter Philbrick
IT Director | ComCor, Inc.
We choosed your software because of the good cost/performance ratio, especially for a combination of barcode reader & writer in 1D as well as 2D. In addition it's your feature to scan multiple barcodes on one page very useful for one of our projects. And the best of it, it is also very fast! :-) Thomas Götzinger
Business Data Solutions GmbH
First of all, let me compliment you on your Barcode.NET Library. We evaluated a number of products to use in our application, and yours was our favorite. Dan Konigsberg
CampMinder, LLC
With the latest update you sent just minutes ago, I want to grab the opportunity to say a very big thanks to you and your team. I am a client for a very long time now, and i want to express my gratitude for both a wonderful product you developed but also and mainly for a remarkable and way above average support and help you have provided all of us all these years. This support have been given freely, without ever asking for money and in all truthfulness you have given an awesome added value to a product already very cheap as far as its cost is involved. I really hope it is worth for you and all the work for maintenance and support you provide. Being a self employed software engineer myself, i cannot tell you enough how i appreciate your professionalism and your work. Keep up this more than excellent work, i hope every potential customer really gives you the credits you deserve and quickly becomes a new, very satified customer. It is the best investment for their money they can make and never ever regret it. Yannis Sferopoulos
Opendata Ltd.
I found you from google and very impressed from your products. Actually we are using other components in our applications and in printing suite, there is a barcode solution but limited. I am at my customer site right now and I need to print QR Code according to needs. Our components does not support QR Code and your product saved my life :) Bülent A. Yücel
DeltaCOM Bilgi Sistemleri Dan. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
I found your product from a posting in the Code Gear news groups -- there were several listed, but this one posting indicated that the programmer was very happy with your product. Those kind of recommendations I take seriously. Also, the price was reasonable for the functionality. It was very easy to learn and I had an interface developed with a Fujitsu 6130 ADF scanner in just a few hours. Great product! Michael Philbrick
Integraprise, Inc.
The updated version sorted the problem - I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the prompt response and manner in which you always deal with support items. The VintaSoft components we use really serves us well, thanks for a great product and great support. Jaco Saunders
Vuleka Business Solutions (PTY) Ltd
Вы сделали хороший ActiveX компонент, простой и без глюков, как автомат Калашникова :). Спасибо. Артамохов Александр
Здравствуйте, очень понравилась эта новая версия, режим ReaderSettings.AutomaticRecognition это как раз то, чего мне не хватало, и распознавание штрихкодов низкого разрешения улучшилось кардинально, с потреблением памяти тоже ситуация гораздо лучше выглядит, особенно если это все в 4 потока работает например. Если кому-нибудь из друзей понадобится распознавание штрихкодов - обязательно вашу библиотеку порекомендую. Сергей Суглобов
I looked at various other solutions, including some open source implementations, however when I tried your trial version and compared what it cost vs the ease of implementation, the decision was easy. I must also add that your forum also helped in the decision - seeing how you respond to your customers gave me a lot of confidence. Glen Germaine | myPractice
Thanks for your VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK update. The recognition quality and performance is very impressive. Now we're thinking about to replace our current barcode library with your engine for all developers. Matthias Richter
Gradient Systemintegration GmbH
I was originally looking for some code to work with scanners, dont know much about it myself so i decided to google see if i could find 3rd party controls. Didn't get to your site for a while but when I did it said all the things I wanted to hear so I downloaded the evaluation and played with it for a while. Excellant piece of work there. Saves me a huge amount of time and effort. Oscar Malone
eircom group
Remember to come and have a look at the system we built using your software when you are in South Africa...! We have exe's scanning loan application forms from all over the country which load the documents into local pc based databases, from where the images get loaded to a central server in the evenings via webservices. This solution has helped to increase the turnaround time of a loan application from 3 weeks to 1 hour. Jacques Nuss
I learned about your software by asking Google for a tiff-viewer for .NET-winforms. So far, I am impressed. The demos and examples were very helpful. Keep it up! BVE - Kunze, Volker
Actually, I am developing a work flow program for my contracting company here in Saudi Arabia ... and when we reached to the stage which we needed a scanner to be controlled by our program to scan and preview our improtant documents ... we needed such .Net library which we searched the web and we came to your solution ... then we downloaded the trial version which worked 100% perfect .... with all thanks to your programming genuity .... then we decided to buy your product. Mohammed Darwish
Darwish A/C Est.
I just wanted to inform you that the Scanner Control is one of the best that we could get online. It works very fine, and merges well with our development environment. Sunil R.
Infoprint India Private Ltd.
I was evaluating a bunch of twain components for .NET but NONE of the Components were so simple and comfortable to handle as the Vintasoft Twain Control is!        Marcus Lauermann
Naome Ltd.
We purchased the Vintasoft ActiveX Control a little over a year ago and it has performed flawlessly. I wanted to say thank you. We originally bought the control to integrate it with an MS Access database to track checkouts. We used the control to scan driver's license images and photos. Things are working great. Rich Hadden
Wright State University
Our Compiler is MS VS.NET 2003, mostly in C#. I found your company in the Deep of the Web. I was looking for a client side scanning component in Google. I have no problem to approve your Software by friendly Companies. It's a really good programm. Uwe Heinz
Logisma AG
I have been at a trade show demonstrating my new application containing your control. It has been a great success so far! My sincere thanks to you for your quick resolution of issues. Alex Malone
Sportscard Tools Inc.
I'm using Access2000 and Borland Interbase (BE). I was searching for Twain-ActiveX control via, and so i found you! :-) After some tests in Access2000 i decided to register this control. Andrej Grohar
DHL Freight Deutschland
I needed some sort of a twain interface for my application so that it can be more or less device independent and pull in pictures from any twain compatible camera irrespective of the brand/model. As far as I remember a google search brought me onto your page and I downloaded the demo version and gave it a shot. Extremely easy to use and very effective. So here I am with the final order :) Sourjya Sen
Microsys Co. Ltd.
I write software for my veterinary practice in We scan lots of documents into a sql database. I have been using a solution from the codeproject - but could not work independantly of the scanners user interface - and also had to deal with IntPtr image data. Your product should make life a lot easier. John Kingston
Great stuff, you made my life a lot easier, was looking through the WIA documentation on Microsoft, but was kind of scared away of all the tricky stuff. But I don't have to look further as your products both seems to be well written and most important for me, not very expensive. Bert Kaneko