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About VintaSoft

VintaSoft was founded in the early 21 century, a century of all-round development and widespread introduction of computer technology.

Mission of the company is developing software components with optimal price-quality ratio for professional software developers. Our aim is to make high technology available for the people's prosperity in all corners of the world.

VintaSoft's software SDKs are intended for usage in end-user programs. They help our customers reduce time and cost of commercial applications development. The components provide ready-to-use functionality for digital image acquisition and processing, electronic document circulation and other imaging areas.

We're paying much attention to provide easy integration of our software components into customer's applications, speed optimization and creating advanced functionality, responsive to the realities of use in practice. Hence components developed by VintaSoft possess small size, perfect functionality and performance.

VintaSoft Ltd is always striving to stay a high-tech and innovative company. Developers from all continents over the planet are our clients. We always try to accumulate the wishes of clients and implement them in new versions and new products.

Extension of our knowledge, innovation, own unique algorithms and technologies, orientation to the customer needs is our philosophy.

7 key benefits of integrating VintaSoft's products into your programs:

  • VintaSoft owns all intellectual property rights for the offered algorithms.
  • VintaSoft is commercially competitive private company without obligations to pay royalties to anyone.
  • VintaSoft proposes a modular approach; you choose and buy only what you need.
  • VintaSoft has complete control over the source codes of supplied products.
  • VintaSoft provides long-term support based on many years of experience.
  • VintaSoft reacts quickly on issues, requests, suggestions and changes on the market.
  • VintaSoft is run by efficient management team and permanently invests in development.
Mailing address:

Post code 0001, Nalbandyan 23, Yerevan, Armenia