Create WPF application for editing of XLSX document

Blog category: Office.NET

July 10, 2023

VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.2 complemented with VintaSoft Office .NET Plug-in provides the functionality for visual editing of an existing XLSX document in WPF application.

The WPF control WpfSpreadsheetEditorControl allows to display a sheet of an XLSX document and edit the sheet using the keyboard and mouse as shown in the screenshot below:

Also the WPF control WpfSpreadsheetEditorControl has public properties and methods, which provide the following functionality:

You can quickly test and evaluate the work of WPF XLSX document editor using the demo application WpfSpreadsheetEditorDemo in the evaluation version of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 12.2. The SDK installation contains a compiled WPF application - file "[SdkInstallPath]\VintaSoft\Imaging .NET v12.2\Bin\DotNet4\AnyCPU\WpfSpreadsheetEditorDemo.exe".
Here is a screenshot of the WPF SpreadsheetEditorDemo application demo:

Also the SDK installation contains the source codes for C# and VB.NET projects of the WpfSpreadsheetEditorDemo demo application. The WpfSpreadsheetEditorDemo demo application contains UI-elements, which are used to construct the user interface (main menu, formula bar, footer, context menu) for the XLSX document editor. The user interface for the XLSX document editor is created in the demo application (demo application contains source codes of UI) because we wanted to provide the ability for developer to change the user interface if necessary. If you have a license for VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK, you can use the UI elements from the demo application in your application. Also you can create a completely new user interface using the properties and methods of the WPF control WpfSpreadsheetEditorControl.

If you would like to suggest any improvements to the WPF XLSX document editor or you have a question about the usage of the WPF XLSX document editor, please contact us by email