VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK v8.7
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    VintaSoft JPEG2000 .NET Plug-in: API changes in version 8.5
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    API changes in Vintasoft.Imaging.Jpeg2000Codec.dll

    Changed classes:

    Changed methods
    public Vintasoft.Imaging.Codecs.Decoders.ImageInfo GetImageInfo(int, Vintasoft.Imaging.Codecs.Decoders.RenderingSettings) public Vintasoft.Imaging.Codecs.Decoders.ImageInfo GetImageInfo(int, Vintasoft.Imaging.Codecs.Decoders.RenderingSettings, Vintasoft.Imaging.Codecs.Decoders.DecodingSettings)

    Added properties
    public string Brand { get; } Gets the field that specifies the Recommendation or International Standard which completely defines this Jpeg2000 file.
    public Vintasoft.Imaging.Metadata.IJpeg2000ColorSpaceSpecification[] ColorSpaceSpecifications { get; } Gets the color space specifications.
    public bool HasResolution { get; } Gets a value indicating whether the information about image resolution is stored in a JPEG2000 page.
    public int[] SourceBitsPerChannels { get; } Gets an array of numbers of bits per image channel stored in JPEG2000 image.