VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 11.0
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    VintaSoft Document Cleanup .NET Plug-in: API changes in version 8.7
    In This Topic

    API changes in Vintasoft.Imaging.DocCleanup.dll

    New classes:

    public class Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Document.DeskewDocumentImageCommand Detects rotation angle of document image and rotates it using the detected angle.
    public class Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Info.GetDocumentImageRotationAngleCommand Detects rotation angle of a document image.
    public class Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Info.GetDocumentImageRotationAngleCommandResult Stores result of execution of the Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Info.GetDocumentImageRotationAngleCommand.

    Changed classes:

    Added properties
    public Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Transforms.ImageRotateFlipType AppliedRotation { get; } Gets the rotation applied to the image.
    public double Confidence { get; } Gets the confidence, in percents, of the result.
    public bool IsOrientationDetermined { get; } Gets a value indicating whether orientation of the image is determined.

    Renamed properties
    public int ColorHiThreshold { get; set; } public int ColorHighThreshold { get; set; }