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May 06, 2024VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK v15.0 Released

Added the support for .NET 8.0 in Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. Created MAUI Barcode Demo for Android. Improved the algorithm that recognizes EAN barcodes.

April 12, 2024VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK v12.4 Released

Added the ability to convert PDF document to a DOCX document. Created the decoder for NDPI and VMS (Hamamatsu) image files. Added the support for new types of charts for DOCX and XLSX documents: Bubble, Stock, Combined, 3D Bubble, 3D Line, 3D Column, 3D Area, 3D Stacked Area. Improved the algorithm of PDF/A converter and algorithms of packing and compressing a PDF document. Increased the performance of JBIG2 and JPEG2000 codec up to 20%. Updated DICOM data types and metadata to comply with DICOM 2023 specification.

March 29, 2024VintaSoft Twain .NET SDK v15.0 Released

Created VintaSoft SANE .NET API that allows to work with SANE image scanners in Linux. Created Linux edition of VintaSoft Web TWAIN service that allows to work with TWAIN and SANE image scanners in Linux. Linux edition was tested in Ubuntu 23/22/20/18, Debian 12/11/10, Fedora 39/38/37/36. Vintasoft TWAIN JavaScript API now allows to acquire images from TWAIN and SANE image scanners in Windows and Linux. Now all VintaSoft Web TWAIN Scanning Demos can be used in Windows and Linux.

February 15, 2024VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK v14.3 Released

Added the ability to recognize and generate new postal barcode types: Japan Post and Italian Post 2 of 5. Increased the recognition performance of QR Code and DataMatrix barcodes up to 20%. Now ISO15415 barcode print quality test can return the modulation matrix of analyzed barcode. The modulation matrix can be used to identify problems in printed barcode.