VintaSoft JBIG2 .NET Plug-in - Development History

Product Release Notes

This page provides you the information about development history of VintaSoft JBIG2 .NET Plug-in. The information about the Plug-in API history can be obtained from documentation.

  • .NET development
    • Supported platforms:
      • Added the support for .NET 5 for Windows.
  • .NET development
    • Supported platforms:
      • Added support (without UI controls) for .NET Core 3 for Windows.
        Created the following .NET Core assemblies:
        • Vintasoft.Imaging.Jbig2Codec.dll
      • Discontinued support of .NET Framework 2.0. Now SDK supports .NET Framework 4+ and 3.5.
  • Fixed the bug in arithmetic decoder.
  • Assemblies were renamed and made changes in structure of namespaces. For more information click here.
  • Optimized the memory usage while encoding multipage JBIG2 files.
  • Optimized the algorithm of lossless encoding mode:
    • Speed increase 3%.
    • Average file size decrease 2%.
    • Optimized the memory usage.
  • Improved algorithm of adding symbols to symbol dictionary in lossy encoding mode.
  • Optimized encoding in lossy mode:
    • Speed increase 30%.
    • Optimized quality of outgoing image (fewer inaccurate symbol substitutions, table destructions etc).
    • Optimized the memory usage.
  • Optimized JBIG2 decoder algorithm (speed increase 3%).
  • Fixed some minor bugs in decoder and encoder.
  • Fixed the image distortion bug in JBIG2 decoding algorithm.
  • Some minor fixes.
  • Fixed the image distortion bug in JBIG2 lossy encoding algorithm with enabled symbol dictionary.
  • Optimized the memory usage and increased performance.
  • Some minor fixes.
  • Created the ability to decode and encode standalone black-and-white JBIG2 image and JBIG2 streams in PDF.
  • Created the ability to convert any supported image format to JBIG2 and vice-versa.
  • Created the ability to work with multipage JBIG2 file: create, manipulate pages, merge, split.
  • Created support for arithmetic decoding and encoding.
  • Created support for MMR decoding and encoding.
  • Created support for Huffman table decoding (standard and user-supplied).
  • Created support for Lossless or Lossy compression.
  • Created the ability to use symbol dictionary for more effective compression.
  • JBIG2 demo created.